Otoji - Nikon's bigger brother

By Martin Joergensen | September 1, 2008 5:59 PM | Permalink


OK, I'm at it again. All wound up because of what my favorite rumor smith is currently publishing. As if Nikon hasn't shaken the camera industry enough with the D3/D700 and the (very) video capapble D90 consumer camera.

Nikon has announced that something BIG is on the way and people have been speculating about what that could be. In an ad in the magazine Rangefinder, Nikon let the public know that BIG will happen Monday February the 16th 2009 during the WPPI-conference in Las Vegas. Lots of camera addicts have theorized about a D3x with a 25 megapixels sensor like the one found in Sony's recently announced flagship. This makes good sense, since Sony delivers the sensors for many Nikon DSLR's.

But now a small and low quality cell phone image has upped the ante quite a bit. This little snippet of paper shows something, which could very well stem from Nikon, since it 1) is in Japanese, 2) lists sensor sizes in "Nikon lingo", 3) its source says it's so. Not really a solid foundation to build facts on, but still very interesting. Its source over at Nikon Rumors has it down as Otoji, which in Japanese should mean big brother, bigger uncle or the like.

First of all the document seems to mention a camera named M1 (like F1 and D1 were the first in their ranges). Secondly it not only mentions the known Nikon formats DX and FX, but adds a new format called MX. And next to MX we have a row of what could easily be pixel sizes, the largest is 6380 x 6380 - or a square format adding up to a whopping 40 megapixels! Now, that's interesting!

Is Nikon venturing into the medium format world?

Well, based on these rumors, it's not difficult to conclude something along those lines, and if that's the case Nikon is indeed going to send a tsunami through the camera manufacturer's duck pond. Allegedly some kind of announcement will take place on Wednesday, September the 3rd, but that of course remains to be seen.

No matter what, it's a great time to be a Nikonian.