On Location image galleries

By Martin Joergensen | October 14, 2008 12:26 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 2)

galleries.jpgWhen I first started producing the On Location podcasts, I created Nikonians image galleries for each with the most important images from the shoot. But that was honestly quite a bit of work on top of shooting, post processing, recording, producing and all the other tasks, and since I already create a kind of gallery in the slide show, I thought it would be easier to draw the images from there.

Enter my day job skills as a web developer. A bit of programming and Voilà! We have a set of "On Location" galleries. Each episode is listed, and when you click on it, you see all the images from that week's slide show.

Sometimes it it pays off to be a nerd!



Martin- I enjoy your podcast but have always been frustrated in listening on my iPod Touch and not being able to see any images embedded. I discovered your Blog by coincidence today when searching for how to use Grids on Speedlights/strobes. It's great to see the images from the shoots I have listened to already such as "Forest Adventure" preceded by the Location Scouting podcasts.
Keep up the great podcast (may be with the music lowered just a touch? :-0 ) and thanks for posting the galleries, they are great!
Phil, Nikonian {pwscott61} in CT, USA


I know a lot of people like to look a images on their ipods while listening, but firstly: I can't produce the podcasts with built-in images because I'm on a pc system, and haven't got access to software, which does this trick. Secondly I personally don't like the embedded pictures much. On my own tiny ipod they are way too small to be of any use and I think the work preparing and embedding them might not be worth it. And all the listeners not on Apple players won't be able to see them.

I am waiting for the time where I can produce all-in-one shows with sound, video and stills in one and in good quality, playable on all devices. That'll be the day.

Until then you will have to do with sound, slide shows and galleries as separate entities.

Regarding the music I have turned it way down since I started, and try to keep it "out of the way". I like the small spots of music, but try to keep the discrete.