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It's hard to beat the Strobist!

By Martin Joergensen | November 24, 2008 11:07 PM | | Comments ( 0)

However much I'd like to be voted or even nominated the Best Photo Blog 2008, I will have to get out of bed extremely early to beat David Hobby and his blog The Strobist – arguably the most influential and popular photo blog and one of the most influential tech blogs at all on the web.

David has managed to turn his profession as a newspaper photographer into a passion, which he has managed to spread out to literally hundreds of thousands of readers. His small spare time project aiming to inform and educate on the use of small flashes – strobes – has become the place where small light fans – including myself – hang out and get inspiration, learn, discuss, post images. And it has formed the base for David's professional life as The Strobist. Continue reading It's hard to beat the Strobist!.

DIY mini-striplight

By Martin Joergensen | November 17, 2008 11:48 PM | | Comments ( 2)

finished.jpgI have always liked the light that comes from striplights - narrow softboxes, which create a well defined strip of light. Opposite square or wide, rectangular softboxes, the striplight gives a more defined light, which is not quite as soft as the light from the softbox.

Striplights are often used to accent body shapes or to create distinct rimlights on bodies or faces. the narrow band of light will create character in one direction and soft light in the other. When used on shiny objects the reflections - the specular highlights - will also be narrow strips rather than squares or dots - or reflections of an umbrella or another familiar shape. Continue reading DIY mini-striplight.

10 Golden Rules

By Martin Joergensen | November 10, 2008 11:57 PM | | Comments ( 0)


These ten rules were originally made for Lomo's and Lomography. If you are not familiar with this concept, check it out. I'm not going to cover it in depth here. But I will happily steal the Ten Golden Rules of Lomography and rewrite them to Ten Golden Rules of Photography.

Like the Lomo, these rules are kind of anarchistic and definitely against the establishment. But they are still very much in line with my recent entry "Exercise your photography muscles". These rules are kinda "Exercise your photography muscles in a fun way".

Continue reading 10 Golden Rules.

Strobist Meetup Video

By Martin Joergensen | November 5, 2008 10:00 AM | | Comments ( 0)

Unfortunately the system I use for my "On Location" slide shows don't allow me to incorporate video (yet), but I still shoot some footage now and then when I'm on location.

These 7-and-a-half minutes were shot at the Strobist Meetup here in Copenhagen, which I covered a couple of podcasts ago. The video shows the ambiance at these meetings as well as some setups and more results from the day.

And yes, I know there are white lenses in there, but trust me, those C-shooters can actually be quite nice.

You can see a larger version of the video at Vimeo.

Exercise your photography muscles

By Martin Joergensen | November 4, 2008 2:49 PM | | Comments ( 0)

DSC_4797.jpgYou should eat fresh fruit every day!
You should be out of breath once every day!
You should kiss your spouse every day!
You spend time with your kids every day!
You should take pictures every day!

Yep, I truly think you should exercise your photographic muscles every day. In this digital age, there are no problems in shooting at will, and just "wasting" images on things less important.

As I mention in my latest podcast - Storage Blues - the only problem with shooting a ton of pictures is that they take up space.

Continue reading Exercise your photography muscles.

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