It's hard to beat the Strobist!

By Martin Joergensen | November 24, 2008 11:07 PM | Permalink

However much I'd like to be voted or even nominated the Best Photo Blog 2008, I will have to get out of bed extremely early to beat David Hobby and his blog The Strobist – arguably the most influential and popular photo blog and one of the most influential tech blogs at all on the web.

David has managed to turn his profession as a newspaper photographer into a passion, which he has managed to spread out to literally hundreds of thousands of readers. His small spare time project aiming to inform and educate on the use of small flashes – strobes – has become the place where small light fans – including myself – hang out and get inspiration, learn, discuss, post images. And it has formed the base for David's professional life as The Strobist. Now, this humble blog ranks about no. 200,000 on Technorati with a respectable Authority of 31. Neither number may make much sense to you unless you follow such matters, but it makes my irregular musings range amongst the top 0.2% in the blogosphere, which I personally find pretty decent. Technorati keeps track of some 75 to 100 million blogs, so 200,000 isn't bad at all.
A top 10,000 position is the goal of many very large and quite resourceful blogs. David's Strobist blog has a 1,200th position! That is awesome, very hard to beat and unsurpassed by any photo blog as far as I know.

Running though the nominations for Best Photo Blog in The 2008 Weblog Awards also sends a clear signal about David's position in this online photo community. He has been nominated times and times over, and a quick count tells that he has been endorsed thousands of times, which is probably hundreds of times better than the runner up. I don't know how the final positions will be selected, but it seems like a popular vote will decide. It would be quite unfair if the Strobist wasn't elected the best photo blog in 2008. OK, McNally is there. Jarvis is there. Laforet is there. All are great bloggers, but none of them get a fraction of the nominations that David Hobby does. Actually, running through other categories, it seems that hardly any blog in any category have the number of nominators that Hobby does. I haven't found any, at least.

The final voting will take place from December 8th, and I would be very surprised if David Hobby's Strobist blog didn't wind up as number one in the photo category and very high in the overall ranking.

Congrats David!