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Virtual Photokina

By Martin Joergensen | September 30, 2008 11:04 PM | | Comments ( 0)


So you didn't go to Photokina? Well, no worries, because the International VR Photography Association (IVRPA) will gladly take you there - virtually.

They have a ton of VR-shots on their special Photokina panoblog, and whether you want to check out Nikon's booth, look at Kata bags or join a Phase One shoot, IVRPA offers the opportunity. And of course IVRPA's own booth. No, unfortunately no Nikonian's booth anywhere.

Just click a thumbprint and start maneuvering in this virtual world of Photokina 08.

Nachtwey's TED wish

By Martin Joergensen | September 30, 2008 6:17 PM | | Comments ( 0)


I have always been fascinated by the work of war photographer James Nachtwey. I have been captured by Nachtwey's graphical and unpleasant yet stunningly beautiful photos ever since I saw a documentary about him shooting amongst others a father in Indonesia, who had not only lost an arm and a leg in a railway accident, but also lived on a piece of cardboard literally between two railway tracks with his family.

One of Nachtwey's pictures of this man is seen here.

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iTTL Pocket Wizards?

By Martin Joergensen | September 29, 2008 9:45 PM | | Comments ( 0)

PocketWizards.jpgDuring Photokina I had the pleasure of talking to Pocket Wizard's Sales and Marketing Manager Lorenzo Gasperini, who told me something very interesting.
I mentioned that the current Pocket Wizard line had no exposure control, and even though Lorenzo pointed out that the MultiMax has some control - the ability to turn flashes on and off - he admitted that exposure control per se was not available.


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All you eggs...

By Martin Joergensen | September 28, 2008 12:24 PM | | Comments ( 2)

pretec-64.jpgYou probably know the saying: don't put all your eggs in one basket. Now, using Pretec's newest Compact Flash cards would be doing exactly that. These cards sport an amazing 64 and even 100 Gigabytes capacity. 100 gigabytes! That's equal to the hard disk capacity I have in the notebook computer I'm writing this on.

I wouldn't even be able to empty that card onto this computer, if it was filled. I'd run out of disk space long before having all images in safe harbor.

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Back from Photokina

By Martin Joergensen | September 28, 2008 10:00 AM | | Comments ( 0)

MJ0_8960-01.jpgWhile the train called Photokina chucks along towards its stop for this time in Cologne, I have given up and returned home already a couple of days ago. No, just kidding. The plan was to attend the first two days and then return, so all was done according to the schedule.

Two days is just on the short side when attending a large venue such as Photokina. On the other hand I'm worn down from walking the huge area covered by the exhibition, and certainly enjoy sitting in my comfy chair rather than dragging a couple of blocks of concrete from hall 2 to hall 6 and back again.

I talked to quite a few interesting people and saw tonnes of interesting products. Even being prepared for the size of the event, I was somewhat blown away by the magnitude and diversity of the exhibition. Photo frames, wooden tripods, new lenses, lighting galore, Chinese and Korean copy products mixed with well known brands. It's a photographer's feast.

Photokina is naturally centered around products, and my next On Location podcast will unlike the usual shows be on products as well as give you some impressions from the show. I have recorded a number of short interviews. I will edit these to give you a few samples from the show. Expect this slightly different podcast out Monday.

I want a pair!

By Martin Joergensen | September 23, 2008 5:58 PM | | Comments ( 0)

nikonian-clogs.jpgNow, how cool is that? A pair of Dutch wooden shoes painted in Nikonian colors and with a Nikonian logo? They are in no way comfortable, but indeed extremely cool. They were custom made on order from Dutch Nikonian Albert as a gift to Katarina from the Nikonian staff and presented in the Nikonian booth at Photokina.

But you will unfortunately not find them for sale in the Nikonians PhotoProShop although I'm sure they would sell like newly baked bread and become an instant cult item.

But you will have to dream about them and enjoy the picture.

50mm f1.4 AF-S

By Martin Joergensen | September 22, 2008 7:33 PM | | Comments ( 0)

nikkor-50mm-f1.4-af-s.jpgWell, its there! The first and long awaited bright AF-S prime from Nikon.
I have just seen it behind glass at Nikon's booth at Photokina, but expect to hear more about it as the show opens tomorrow and events progress.
At first glance it looks like a classical Nikkor - plain, sturdy, well built. And it will most likely be of a good optical quality matching if not bettering existing Nikon "normal" lenses. I hope to be back with more such as expected price, delivery etc. PS: it should be ready in December at under 450.- USD according to what I hear.

Going to Photokina

By Martin Joergensen | September 21, 2008 5:12 PM | | Comments ( 0)

I'll be leaving for Köln Monday morning and spend a few days in the paradise of photography at Photokina. Well, it may be mayhem to some, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
Photokina is an excellent place to meet people and stuff related to photography. Largely everybody who is someone in the business will be there, and if you have any particular product you want to see there is probably few better places to look.
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The wireless challenge

By Martin Joergensen | September 15, 2008 4:11 PM | | Comments ( 2)

group.jpgAs much as I love Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System) flash sync when it works, I truly hate it when it doesn't do what I want it to. This past weekend I was fishing with a group of International fly anglers with whom I fish every year in September. A recurring event is Saturday's group photo, which takes place outdoors by the water and typically involves about 30 people including myself.

Since we have had great weather all years - sun and blue sky - I have wanted to use a fill flash for this picture all years. As you might very well know, sunshine and outdoors portraits is a bad combination, and a couple of flashes can do wonders when it comes to softening the harsh sunlight. Continue reading The wireless challenge.

Nikon, give me!

By Martin Joergensen | September 7, 2008 1:08 PM | | Comments ( 4)

sb-900.jpgA bit frivolous, maybe, but I think I'm entitled to put forward a wish list to Nikon, outlining some of the stuff I'd like to see from them in the coming time. As an enthusiastic Nikonian and a somewhat nerdy gear head, I feel it in my right to represent other photo buffs in wanting even more new stuff.

Nikon has shown extremely good shape in the recent time, raising the bar several times and demonstrating a new and refreshing willingness to go different ways. The D3 and D700's superior "low rez" full frame sensor. The D90's video mode. The rumored MX format in a rangefinder camera.

Based on that I'd like Nikon to give me... eh, us (in no particular order):
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Otoji - Nikon's bigger brother

By Martin Joergensen | September 1, 2008 5:59 PM | | Comments ( 0)


OK, I'm at it again. All wound up because of what my favorite rumor smith is currently publishing. As if Nikon hasn't shaken the camera industry enough with the D3/D700 and the (very) video capapble D90 consumer camera.

Nikon has announced that something BIG is on the way and people have been speculating about what that could be. In an ad in the magazine Rangefinder, Nikon let the public know that BIG will happen Monday February the 16th 2009 during the WPPI-conference in Las Vegas. Lots of camera addicts have theorized about a D3x with a 25 megapixels sensor like the one found in Sony's recently announced flagship. This makes good sense, since Sony delivers the sensors for many Nikon DSLR's.

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