Day 5: Getting creative

I am still having problems with today I skirted around the issue by photographing my clothing (and I just noticed even that isn't in very sharp focus...d'oh!). This is tricky. If anyone has any ideas on how I can do this, I would appreciate hearing them. Here is today's shot (click on the photo to get the full-size version):
POR_6504.jpgHere are today's challenges and issues:
  • Last night, for inspiration, I was re-reading Bryan Peterson's excellent book, Understanding Exposure, and was struck by his concept of a "who cares?" aperture. I decided to use a "who cares?" aperture on today's shoot because I didn't feel like I needed to "isolate the subject" this time, although most times on portraits, I feel like you should....Again, it's a creative decision, which is another thing about photography that appeals to me. I also didn't need to use an extremely small aperture, because there is no need for huge depth of field. So today I chose an aperture of f/8. That set the shutter speed at 1/8s. I used an ISO of 200, although upon further reflection, I think the shot would have been better served at 400. Live and learn. I did a few things differently today. Today I tried to use the spot meter and I metered off my shirt. I was concerned about complexities caused the darkness of the background and the light coming in the window. Not sure it did the best job, but again, it's a learning experience. For focus, I used AF-C with single area mode. Like I said previously, I didn't nail the focus today. DRAT.
  • Anyway, I pulled the NEF into Capture NX2 and set the white balance using the shot I took with the white balance gray card (which I am finding is pretty good and easy to use, so yea!). The only things I adjusted were exposure (I bumped it up 2/3ds a stop) and I did some work with white and black control points. I also sharpened as usual (45, 5, 4).
In other news, last week I ordered a Feisol monopod and a Manfrotto swivel head with a Kirk quick-release clamp. I am hoping they arrive today. So exciting! I love new toys.