I was right; this is a challenge

It took me 10 photos today before I got one reasonably in focus. This time I set up a paper towel holder at eye level and even tried to lock in manual focus....Oh, I just realized something!!! Flash of insight! I just realized that I probably was missing focus because I used a larger aperture (f/5.6). I should have tried f/8. Tomorrow I will do everything the same except I will use a smaller aperture and see if that affects focus.

I won't go into details about the shoot today, other than the aperture (f/5.6).
POR_6521.jpgAfter I uploaded it, I changed the white balance slightly, straightened and cropped it, and sharpened. I got the exposure pretty good this time, so again, it didn't take much fiddling with it after the fact.

I am getting quicker at the whole thing. I look forward to tomorrow's attempt. I am curious to see if decreasing the aperture will indeed help with the focus.

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