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In the beginning I had a camera and many subjects to capture for archiving personal memories.

It was done and it was good. But...

I have recently discover photography as opposed to what I was doing for seven decades--snapshots.

If I have more time on this planet, I will do photography.  I have a Ph.D. in the natural sciences and shared those topics with friends and students for four decades.  C.P. Snow was wrong.  The world of science and art are one and the same, and for me they have met.  I still study the science of the universe, but am now deep into the art of human existence.

I am obsessed with tack-sharp focus as a goal for creating images but am appreciating the reality of lens and sensor limitations.

My life is now consumed by my D7000, Photoshop, Lightroom, and even Topaz filters and HDR. I still play golf and read the journal SCIENCE,  but have difficulty fitting them into my calendar.  See you at Zion where I will try to capture the rocks, wildlife and stars in new and better images for others to enjoy and not just to archive for my own memories.

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