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What is a business without a logo? A well designed logo can help present a professional and serious look for your business. With the internet bringing the world to our fingertips, getting a professional logo designed has never been so easy.

After doing some research on the web, and looking at several online design firms, I decided to go with the Logo Design Team. They provide several pricing options. After choosing and paying for a package, I was asked several questions about my business through a web form, including any colors or design elements I wanted to see in my logo. I provided some suggestions, but I was pretty open.

Within a couple days, they provided me with 7 very different options. There were all quite good, but I settled on two finalists. I asked them to merge the two designs together. I was quite pleased with the final logo.

In addition to the logo, most logo design sites can also design a business card layout, and stationary. Since getting my original logo, I have gone back to them several times for a few changes, such as a holiday version.

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