Voice Activated Lightstand

When shooting on location, such as at a wedding, carrying complex lightstands and setups can be difficult and time consuming. But this doesn't mean we have to sacrifice quality, portable lighting!

A simple, inexpensive solution is the "Voice Activated Lightstand" or VAL. The VAL is a joke term for an assistant holding an off-camera light. Here is one example of a small, easy to carry, VAL kit:

This kit consists of 4 pieces:

An inexpensive Monopod ($63)

Lastolite shoot-thru umbrella ($24).

Umbrella/Flash bracket ($14).

Upgraded cold shoe to accomodate an SB-900($8).

And of course a Nikon Speedlight. In this example, I'm using an SB-800.

This kit assembles in seconds, and provides a small, portable lightsource:

And it produces a nice, soft light that is easily movable, assuming you have a cooperative assistant!

You could also use a small lightbox with the flash in much the same manner. But the shoot through umbrella provides a nice, broad lightsource that is pretty quick to setup.

And you get a monopod to use with your camera as a bonus!

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