Vacation and more work


Following our wedding shoot in Huntsville, Alabama, our family took a much needed vacation to DisneyWorld. We had a nice time, and even got a few nice pictures with our vacation camera, a Nikon D70s.

After the vacation, it was time for Saguaro Shadows Photography to get back to work with another destination wedding. This was a destination wedding with a twist. Located in Newport Beach, California, this wedding was entirely held on a yacht!

Destination weddings require extra planning, but a wedding on board a yacht created even more challenges! No running out to the car to grab a piece of equipment! Also, the yacht did not allow any tripods, lightstands or monopods. Even though this was a very large yacht, space was still cramped.

Good news was the wedding took place under a white awning on the upper deck, and below deck, the other levels all had low white ceilings. This created ideal conditions for using the Gary Fong Lightsphere.

We also planned the wedding timing with the bride to accommodate afternoon shots outdoors, and sunset shots in the evening

Sunset shots are tricky. For this shot, I figured out the sunset exposure and dialed in some compensation, then adjusted the fill on the SB-800 to light up the couple.

This wedding turned out well, and the couple was very pleased with our work. This wedding is also leading to work in the future for us, from Tucson guests who were at the wedding.

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