Don't forget your own family!

Sometimes when shooting weddings and other families, we forget to capture memories of our own families! Saguaro Shadows Photography took the weekend off and used some of the time to capture some formal portraits of our own family:

One trick to making self-portraits easier is to not relay on the camera's self timer. This only gives you one take, and you need to keep getting up to reset the camera and take another shot.

Instead, I took advantage of the interval timer within Nikon's Capture Control Pro. By connecting the camera to my laptop and running Capture Control Pro, I was able to set the interval time to take any number of pictures I wanted with a set interval between them. I found that shooting 5 images 8 seconds apart worked well. Gave my family enough time to reset between shots, if they realized they blinked or were looking away.

We also used the time to capture just images of our daughters:

And an updated shot of just Margaret and I to use on our webpage and facebook site:

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