Double Wedding Weekend!

Saguaro Shadows Photography had a double wedding weekend! This was shot over 3 days with 2 weddings, and 1 rehearsal that included a baby dedication:

Working two weddings in one weekend took a little advanced planning. We had to make sure we understood the timing and details for both weddings, and keep all the family names straight! We also had to plan out the equipment carefully. Before we left for the first event, we made sure we had a plan for recharging all of our batteries, and offloading images onto our computer storage system. It even made planning our off-hours correctly to make sure we were going to have enough time to rest between events, and eat so we could keep our energy up!

The wedding on Sunday was a particularly fun event to photograph. A lovely bride in a wonderful location with lots of photographic locations:

Shooting two weddings in 1 weekend definitely gave us a chance to reflect on how we were handling the shoot and look at some lessons learned. The primary lesson was we need to be more forward in communicating the shoot timeline for the wedding day not only to the bride and groom, but the whole wedding party. The rehearsal, which we usually attend, is the perfect opportunity to communicate this to everyone so we get the maximum cooperate on the wedding day.

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