Expanded Opportunities

Saguaro Shadows Photography has expanded our school support business.

We were contacted recently by our local middle school PTA to provide photographic coverage for their school events. They would like us to cover all the events at the end of this year, and start up again next year. They saw the work we had done for the middle school musical performance a few weeks ago, and liked the concept.

We are providing the school with a deal that we shoot all the events for no charge to the school and provide a kick back to the school based on a percentage of the sales. In return, the school is promoting Saguaro Shadows Photography at all their events and in their newsletters. This is providing us with a tremendous "free" marketing opportunity.

So far, we've covered a few events for them, including a drama performance. Our most exciting opportunity is coming up soon, when we'll be shooting a school dance. We're going to cover that like a wedding reception, and setup a "photo booth" to take pictures of the kids as they please. Should be a fun time!

It is pleasure to work with such nice young people, and a good chance for us to donate our services.

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