Busy with Babies!

Saguaro Shadows Photography is getting busy with babies!

Wedding bookings have been a little slow this Spring, but our family portrait and baby portrait business is picking up!

This 4 week old was one of the best little clients we've had. He was very sleepy and cooperative. We cranked out 8 different poses in 20 minutes, which is unusually fast! For this shot, we had a hard time convincing the parents what we were trying to achieve in the shot, but after we got it, it's been their favorite, and the favorite of the extended family.

When schedule an infant session, we always the parents to schedule the session when the baby is less than 6 weeks old. The younger, the better. We also advise them to pick a time when the baby would get ready for a nap. It's best if the baby is sleepy for the session, not hungry and cranky! We are always flexible when the appointment will take place to allow the parents some flexibility.

For this session, we planned in advance to do the entire shoot in black and white against a black background. We shared that vision with the parents, and they really liked it, too.

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