More Babies!

Saguaro Shadows Photography is still busy with babies!

After a long string of baby boys, we finally got a baby girl!

We are now offering our new parents two baby photo plans. The first provides an infant shoot (under 6 weeks), a shoot at around 6 months, and a shoot at around 1 year. At the end of the year, we compile the best of the shots from the whole year into an album.

Our second baby plan option is the unlimited plan. For a fixed plan, we offer the parents the opportunity to book an appointment any time of the year, as many as they want. This provides the opportunity to capture images from occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

The two plans provide two different price points for the parents to choose from. They also choose to just purchase one session at a time. But both of parents are far more attractive and most parents recognize the value we are providing them in these packages.

This young lady is on our unlimited plan, so you'll be seeing more images of her as the year goes on!

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