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Been Busy!

Saguaro Shadows Photography has been very busy the last few months!

Before the holidays, we ran a web special through Living Social. Living Social provides a means to reach hundrends, if not thousands of potential new customers in your area. This special resulted in our photographing over 31 family portraits during the holidays!

The Living Social ad not only resulted in directed sales to new customers, but it also raised awareness for our studio on the web, and we gained several more new customers are a result.

We are also started to receive referrals from our Living Social customers for new portrait sessions and weddings.

In the New Year, we also entered into agreement with a local, private race course to photograph their monthly vintage race series.

This race coverage has opened up a new area of photography for us, and provided us a new customer base. For this clientele, rather than albums or small prints, we're providing large canvas prints and custom prints of their pride and joys.

Since the New Year began, we can't help but feel the that the economy is improving. Our wedding books for 2011 are running well ahead of 2010, and our new customers seem to feel more comfortable in spending more on photography than they did in 2009 and 2010.

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