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Holiday Roundup

Well, the holiday season is just about over, so I thought I would wrap up how the holidays went for Saguaro Shadows Photography.

I started the season by updating my Google Adwords campaign. My new ad offered a holiday portrait special for the purpose of family portraits as presents or holiday cards. I also spread news of this special through word of mouth with my existing client base, and through Facebook.

I also purchased a new, Christmas themed background. This background proved a big hit with all my clients.

The results of our holiday push, was had 13 clients between November 1st and December 25th. This included 3 new clients that found us through the Google Adwords campaign, and 3 through Facebook. One of these new clients was a large family reunion, which provided us with a significant revenue stream through several print orders from the various members of the family.

The new clients are significant, because all 3 also presented potential future opportunities. All expressed pleasure with our results, and indicated future business for upcoming weddings, bar mitzvah's, etc.

Our holiday efforts also provided a new cooperative agreement with a local designer, who provided us with custom Christmas cards designs in return for portrait services. The custom card designs provided some source of income this season, and will become more valuable in years to come.

The holiday season meet our goals for providing us with new customers, recovering our investment on the new holiday background, and providing us with income that resulted in 2 of our best months of 2009.

Looking forward in 2010, we are starting off the year on January 1st with a wedding! We also have 2 Senior portrait sessions coming early in the year. To capture new business, we are planning on setting up a fairy-theme shoot for young girls in the February/March timeframe by using a similar Google Adwords/Facebook campaign.

In the meantime, our Google Adwords campaign has been refocused in capturing potential wedding client business.

To sum up 2009, despite being a down year economically for the country, we met our 2009 goals for bookings and revenue. We are also starting off the year by attending the 2010 Professional Photographers of America convention, ImagingUSA in Nashville. Last year's convention provide a great deal of inspiration, and we are hoping for equal ideas to spur our business forward in 2010.

By the way, if you're a reader of my blog, and a Facebook member, please become a fan of Saguaro Shadows!

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