Rick Paul: January 2010 Archives

Business is good!

Business is picking up for Saguaro Shadows Photography

In the past week, we have been contacted by 4 wedding clients. Two have already booked, and the other two are likely to commit in the coming week. These are all new clients.

This recent surge in business is a direct result of our market efforts. These 4 clients came to us through internet marketing, and prior client referrals. Our current marketing strategy includes a 3 pronged approach: Internet Advertising, Social Marketing, and Client Referrals.

With internet advertising, there are many, many choices. We have chosen two paths: Google AdWords, and ServiceMagic. Both are driving clients to our doorstep. We are spending less than $200 per month on advertising, and drawing in a lot of business this way.

Social Marketing includes Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs. So far, this is not bringing any new clients to our door, but it is bringing repeat business. We are keeping in touch with clients, and some are starting to contact us for their next session of portraits.

Client Referrals can be handled actively or passively. Passively just means treating your clients well, and hoping they refer future business to you. We have started being more active, more directly enlisting our clients help. We now follow up with all of our clients with a nice Thank You card, that also details our referral program. Under the program, when new clients are referred, we provide the original client with a gift certificate for future business with us. We have just started this program, but we expect it will start to bring us more business in the coming year.

As our clientele grows, we should be able to back off on our paid advertising efforts. The important thing is constantly re-evaluate your strategy on a regular basis to make adjustments.

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Baby Shoots

Saguaro Shadows Photography had a nice a baby shoot this week.

Babies are best shot when they are younger than 6 weeks old. At this age, they are more likely to sleep for your. Even then, you should advise the mother to be patient and be prepared for a 3-4 hour shoot to make sure you get good shots between eating, changing, and sleeping.

We are working with all of our baby clients to come back several times during the first year. Our general plan is 6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year. Then at the end of the year we have many good options to provide albums and print galleries of the baby's first year.

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Good start to the New Year!

Saguaro Shadows Photography has had an excellent start to 2010!

First, we shot a wedding on January 1st! Can't have a better start to the year than that!

Then we quickly changed gears and headed off to Nashville for the annual PPA Convention, ImagingUSA. After the convention, we were bursting to how to improve our business in 2010. The last couple weeks we've been busy putting some of those plans in place. I'll be writing about those in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, business is picking up nicely. This coming weekend we are double-booked with a Senior Portrait session and a baby/family shoot

. We also got started on Twitter this week ("shadowsphoto") and a company blog, independent of Nikonians. I'll be writing different entries on that blog, more geared toward my customers. Meanwhile, I'm still on By the way, on Facebook. So please become a fan of Saguaro Shadows!