High School Football Photography


Well I had my first experience with shooting a game and the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, wow, what an experience.  I took some advice from Scott Kelby's blog  on the settings and it worked fantastic.  Here are the settings from Kelby that I set on my Nikon D700

I shot in manual mode, exposure -1/3, ISO 1600, shutterspeed 1/1000.  With that shutterspeed you do not need the VR lens setting on

1 - Focus mode to Continuous

2 - Dynamic Area AF

3 - AF-C Priority set to "release"

4 - Dynamic AF to 9 points (ideal for sports tracking)

5 - Focus tracking with lock on - set to short (this allows camera to refocus on your subject if a referee or someone else gets in your way for a sec

6 - High continous shooting

Images here:  www.imagesbychappy.com



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