Just a quick note here.  Not much going on with photography this week, been busy with work and school and plus the weather doesn't look like it will cooperate this weekend.  I do plan on working on some kind of logo to use as a watermark on photos when I post them on the web.  I have a couple of ideas that I just need to get drawn up and see how they look.

Half Marathon Shoot

Shot a half marathon on Saturday.  Photos came out better than I thought, my first time shooting a running race.  Plus it rained so trying to operate a camera on the tripod and holding an umbrella pose an unique challenge.    I picked up a couple of tips from the nikonians.org forum and that helped me out. 

 I did learn from a couple of mistakes, like my focus point was off on a few photos but luckily I snapped a few shots of each runner to ensure I had a descent photo of them.  I think my shutter speed probably could have been a little faster, I didn't pay attention to the speed since I shot with Aperture Priority.  Like I say, you won't learn until you get out there and do it and I am glad I was out there as the "official" photographer for the race. 

Overall I enjoyed doing the photos and was glad I didn't run this race with the rain and mud on the course.

Still learning

Haven't had much chance to get out and practice doing any photography, the weather hasn't been to cooperating the last couple of weekends.  I've been bouncing around to different sites and reading tutorials and blogs to learn more on photography and some of the ways to get good shots.  

I did spend some time doing a little bit of editing on a couple of photos I took earlier this month when I visited the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.  This sleeping koala was one of the animals I captured at the zoo.  

Camera - Nikon D520
Lens - 55-200mm
Aperture - f/4.0
ISO - 100
Focal Length - 55mm
Shutter - 1/6sec
I welcome any comments or suggestions anyone may have.

Depth of Field

Did the depth of field assignment in the new members forum this week.  Photos came out better than I thought and I think I have the jest of it down.  Just need to practice it with different subjects to get a better and more comfortable feel for it.  I enjoyed doing the photos and the people on the forum were very helpful.  

Next assignment is motion and blur.  I might have the blur part down with not problem.  I did attempt to do motion with the P100 I have but the images didn't come out very well.  Hopefully with a better camera and lens things will come out better.

What to write about?

I am not sure exactly how I am going to do on a photography type blog but I am willing to try anything new.  Since I am starting out in photography, beyond point and shoot, maybe I will write about the things I learn and post images as I learn different skills.  

This blog my start off slow but hopefully it will pick up as I gain experience so please keep checking back.