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How comes I bought a D60

So, I had only a film camera and did beautiful photo with it. I noticed slowly that I have a lot of boxes with photos and is not so easy to manage them. I bought first a web camera which had a good digital camera function as that time I thought it is. So, I made lot of photos with that webcamera.  Once I wanted to try to see how looks like with a good digital camera. So, I got the Nikon D80 from Bo over Christmas 2007 and did lot of images. After that my old 'nice' digital photos done with my webcamera looked so bad in comparison with the Nikon photos that I decided it really worth a move to a good digital camera. And as I am not the most professional in that area I took advice of JRP and bought a D60. It fits perfect to my needs and is for me a easy family camera. We all enjoy it and like the photos we make now with our Nikon D60.

My experience with D60

I am so proud to be the owner of a Nikon D60 camera. I would like in my blog to write my personal experiences with this camera. I wish a warm welcome to everyone which reads my blog.

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