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Annotate is cool

When I first hear about Annotate I thought is only one of the thousand of such kind of image marking tools. I installed it and one day I thought let's use it and since than is my preferred one. Almost one year has gone. Today is still my favourite tool when I have to capture images and add comments to it.

Please take a look at what he may offer for you, here:

I feel good in my Nikonians Polo

Here it is the new Nikonians Polo


Nikonians Polo does not obstruct the movements during photographing.
It has a special cut for ladies and the material is so fine.

See more images in my Nikonians T-Shirt album.

I recommend it for Nikonians ladies:

Nikon Photo Contest International

For those who love challenges, the Nikon Photo Contest International 2010-2011 extended the entry deadline.

See details here:

We are close to the end of Year 2010

The years are so fast going away. How can we stop the time? The only way is by taking a picture and that is the most proper way to stop the time. You may say we can record a video. Yes, that is also a way. But a photo you may print it out and take it with you everywhere. I feel December is a nice time for photographing. Families spend more time together and is a good opportunity to take photos. In order to have good quality images sometimes is good to use special tools. You may find some of them listed under  Nikonians Rewards .

Let's enjoy the coming events in December and not forget to steel a piece of these days charm for the future :-)

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